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Bed Bug Risks

Bed Bug Risks

Unlike ticks and mosquitoes, bed bugs may not transmit viruses and diseases but they can cause you real underrated hassle and stress.  Bed bugs are quite common in the United States and are found to survive all types of weather conditions. Since they survive by feeding on blood, humans find bedbugs irritating, little did they know—they can also transmit parasites and can be deadly. 

Bed bugs health threats and lawsuits

What do you get if you get bitten by a bed bug? Once you get bitten, you will get small red bumps on your skin that could be real itchy and could get infected if not treated well. Skin irritation and inflammation are quite common. 

Not only is it considered as tiny rashes and minor irritations but bed bugs have substantially affected people negatively. Evers since, a dozen cases had been reported dating back to the 19th century regarding guests or tenants suing hotels and inns because of bed bug injuries. It’s undeniable that things could escalate that quickly with these tiny crawling blood-sucking creatures that can gravitate towards lawsuits.

Can bed bugs contract diseases?

In a certain study, bedbugs are found to transmit in particular the T. cruzi parasite, which causes a deadly illness called Chagas disease. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: It is estimated that as many as 8 million people in Mexico, Central America, and South America have Chagas disease, most of whom do not know they are infected. If untreated, infection is lifelong and can be life-threatening.

Also, one article claimed that bed bugs could trigger mental illness among humans. Some even suffer from paranoia, anxiety attacks, and even severe depression from their exposure to bed bugs—one major reason for this is the lack of sleep as contributed by bed bugs. In worst-case scenarios, some could suffer from long-term mental illness because of this grim experience bed bugs had to put them through.

What you may not know about bed bugs

On the other hand, bed bugs bites will cause you itching, inflammation, and possible allergic reactions—which can be dealt with using medications like cream, ointments, and antihistamines. In rare instances, people who have severe allergic reactions to bed bugs can possibly go through an anaphylactic attack which can cause death in most instances if not treated immediately.

If you should think of the physical and emotional damage caused by bed bugs, you must therefore not take bed bug infestations for granted. Bed bugs dwell in many places such as old furniture, beds, appliances, behind the door, cracks or crevices, clothing, linens, bags, luggage, etc. 

In conclusion, bed bugs do not contract diseases however, they can transmit a parasite that can cause you a serious illness called Chagas disease. To simply put it, bed bugs are not to be taken for granted as they can also relatively affect your physical and mental health permanently. They have to be treated immediately and not a do-it-yourself matter. Until today, Heat Treatment is said to be the only best way to treat them permanently without toxic exposure to chemicals.

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