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Bed Bug Treatments

They were extremely courteous and knowledgeable about bed bugs. The treatment went as planned and the only damage that resulted from it, he immediately took responsibility for. Would definitely use their services again.

Do You Have A Bed Bug Problem?

Bay Area Bed Bug has the solution you have been looking for. We have treatment options for all budget ranges and infestation levels. Our flagship product is a 1-day treatment backed up buy a one year warranty. Bed Bugs have become a widespread epidemic, and we are here to provide the best solution to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home. If you haven’t heard about the widespread epidemic of bed bugs, then we are here to tell you that the problem is very real! Outbreaks are being reported all over the 50 states, affecting 4 & 5-star hotels, residential housing, college dormitories, movie theaters, thrift stores, and even famous clothing stores that will not be named here. Bed bugs are flat, round, reddish-brown insects about 7 mm (1/4 inch) long. These pests feed voraciously on blood, biting you and your pets and leaving itchy welts. They can take over very quickly! Bed bugs are usually found within 4-8 feet of their food source and generally are more horizontally mobile than vertically so they will look for hiding places at same level as food source. Bed bugs are transported in furniture, luggage, boxes, suitcases and packed clothing.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Kills Bed Bugs At Every Phase Of Their Life Cycle

Applying high heat is more effective than using chemicals alone. Bed bugs or bed bug eggs can't survive at higher temperatures. There is no hiding from the heat.

Protects Your Furniture

Don't throw out your mattress or any furniture. Heat treatments not only saves you time but also money. Bay Area Bed Bug will get them all!

1-Day, One Treatment To Kill Every Bed Bug In Your Home.

Chemical treatments take time. We know you don't want to spend time with bed bugs. Heat treatment kills all the bed bugs in your home durring the treatment.

Eco & Pet Friendly

Heat treatment bed bugs reduces or eliminates the need for chemicals that will remain in your home. When the temperature cools it is safe to come home.

Our Clients Love Us... Here's Why!

Why Choose Bay Area Bed Bug?

We Have Over 10 Years Experience Killing Bed Bugs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lifetime Warranty

With up to a Lifetime Warranty we are the Bay Area Bed Bug Authority, and we stand behind our work. You can sleep easy at night knowing you are covered from day 1 and beyond.

1Day Heat Treatment

Heat treatment kills adults, juveniles and the eggs during our 1-day treatment process. You don't have to sleep another night with bed bugs.


Bay Area Bed Bug offer a combination of heat, biological, and chemical to tailor the treatment solution to your specific needs and requirements.

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